Printing – House service plans

Printing – House service plans:

1.  Analysis of water hardness;
2.  The wetting solution pH and conductivity testing and recommendations;
3.  Irrigation dosing equipment inspection and calibration;
4.  Alcohol content of the irrigation solution for measurement. Recommendations for the reduction;
5.  Fount solution cooling device performance verification;
6.  Irrigation shaft inspection. Shaft wear rating. Recommendations
7.  Paint shaft inspection. Shaft wear rating. recommendations;
8.  Clamping shaft balanced evaluation and adjustment;
9.  Densitometer calibration;
10. Print Test densitometry measurements. Compliance with ISO 12-670 Guidelines;
11. Trėškimo point parameters. Compliance with the ISO standard. Recommendations. Offers CTP curves corrections;
12. Super Blue System Evaluation and Recommendation;
13. Millers workplace lighting measurement and evaluation - recommendations;
14. Available to wear the Pantone scale rating;
15. Dryers lamp evaluation of the work and recommendations;
16. Monitor calibration. Recommendations;
17. CTP output of test forms. Liniariškumo measurement. Recommendations for remedial curves. Developer for pH measurements.

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