ISO Certification for printing process

ISO 12647-2 ir ISO 12647-3 Print quality standards in your printing house it‘s not just in talk, but in reality!!!

JSC „Libra Vitalis“ with GMG and Xrite Offers complete solution for the implementation of standardization and maintenance. 


  • Your printed image is too dark;
  • Your print is too bright;
  • Your colors do not correspond to customer‘s expectations;
  • Disagreements with client on printing quality;
  • Unstable work;
  • Customer is far away and asks you for ICC printing profiles;
  • Your pressers maintain certain print density and dot gain values, but you are not sure whether are they corrects. And customers do not know that.


  • CTP plate's dot gain is higher than in traditional plates;
  • Print dot gain compensatory curves are not used;
  • CMYK Spectral values of each paint manufacturer are different: different shade, tone (especially if you use intensive paint);
  • None of printing machines print the same way – each has an individual dot gain and paint coating style;
  • Whiteness of each paper is different especially because of increasing production of special optical brightener agents (OBA) used in paper production;
  • Different offset printing rubbers and various additives give different printing results.


  • To calibrate CTP device;
  • Make corrective print curves for CTP device;
  • According to the ISO standard described cLab values of  CMYK colors, determine optimal print density values for CMYK colors for wet print, taking into account printing machine, paper, paints, panels and etc.;
  • According to the ISO standard described values of CMYK dot gain, determine optimal CMYK dot gain values for print, taking into account printing machine, paper, paints, panels and etc.;
  • Respectively set „grey balance“ and „ ink trapping“ values;
  • Obtained values, conforming to ISO standard, provide to presser;
  • In each printing print some „Rapid Check“ scales, which would allow rapid print checking by spectrophotometer and quick receipt of conclusions and proposals for compliance with ISO standard;


  • Your print corresponds to international ISO standard, so, in accordance with set standards of your held printing machines and other equipment, you have stable and standardized printing;
  • ISO standard is recognized internationally;
  • If you are following set of standards of your printing house, nobody can raise claims on print performance, because you said customer in advance, that your print is in accordance with ISO standard, and it means, that using  ISO ICC profiles and calibrated monitor  – he at once had a chance to see forthcoming result;
  • Acting in accordance with ISO standard, you eliminate customer‘s bad print improvisations on quality issues. Poor quality is fault only himself, as provided untidy computer files;
  • Being standardized, you no longer have a bad or good print – you have ISO standard corresponding print;
  • ISO standard is starting point for both you and customer, wherever he is. 


  • Professional software for print standardization;
  • i1Basic – spectrophotometer CMYK and measurement of other cLab colors;
  • Professional software for fast inspection of print parameters matching to ISO standard;
  • JSC „Libra Vitalis“ engineers will perform all necessary training, will install original ISO standards, will train how to carry out further parameters controlling and independently work with ISO parameters.


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