Offset printing materials and equipment

JSC „Libra Vitalis“ for many years’ supplies printing market different equipment, materials and services. Today in our products range you will find almost everything you need for printing or printing relating company – from film positives and offset printing plates, inks, printing chemicals offset rubbers up to adhesives appropriate for work after printing, laminating and gold plating materials.

The following subgroups provides:

-Equipment and software before printing:

--„FujiFilm“, „Luescher“, ECRM produced by direct exposure to plate – CTP – equipment descriptions and specifications,
--„FujiFilm XMF Workflow“, „Celebra NT RIP“, „ECRM RIPMate“, „Dynagram Imposition It“, etc.,
--„X-rite“– measuring and calibration equipment,
--GMG control print production system,
--color management,
--quality control and management,

„ISO 12647“ prints certification, print quality support.

–Printing materials:

--„Flint Group“ inks, lacquers and accessories,
--offset rubber and accessories, --printing chemicals,
-- special products for publishing houses.

– Materials after printing:

-- materials after printing for packing manufacturers,
-- materials after printing for production of books and magazines,
-- materials after printing for advertising and other works.


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