Paper and paper products for office

Our wide range includes different high quality multi purpose office paper and its products. We will help you to choose what is most necessary and most appropriate for you whether it is printing or copying paper, white and black, or color paper for ink jet printers, black and white for laser printers or paper for digital printing, color paper, envelopes, different rolls or fax paper, stickers or photo paper, etc. We represent main European paper manufacturers and all known trade marks: „Maestro“, „Navigator“, „Future“, „Xerox“, „Color Copy“ and other.

Printing paper

Printing paper Abundance of polygraph paper allows you to implement the best ideas. You can choose appropriate and economically attractive option from range of coated, uncoated, special paper and cardboard: * rich chalky, * semi-glossy, * matte cellulose, * low weighting for magazines, * fluffy for books, * very white and colored offset, * newsprint, * labels, * self-copying adhesive or design paper, graphic, packaging, packing, binding cardboard. All types of paper are certified, produced by nature friendly concerns „UPM-Kymmene“, „Soporcel“, „Sappi“, „Mondi“, „Kappa“, „Avery Dennison“, „Faro“, „Koehler“and other companies.

Offset printing materials and equipment

JSC „Libra Vitalis“ for many years’ supplies printing market different equipment, materials and services. Today in our products range you will find almost everything you need for printing or printing relating company – from film positives and offset printing plates, inks, printing chemicals offset rubbers up to adhesives appropriate for work after printing, laminating and gold plating materials. The following subgroups provides: -Equipment and software before printing: --„FujiFilm“, „Luescher“, ECRM produced by direct exposure to plate – CTP – equipment descriptions and specifications, --„FujiFilm XMF Workflow“, „Celebra NT RIP“, „ECRM RIPMate“, „Dynagram Imposition It“, etc., --„X-rite“– measuring and calibration equipment, --GMG control print production system, --color management, --quality control and management, „ISO 12647“ prints certification, print quality support. –Printing materials: --„Flint Group“ inks, lacquers and accessories, --offset rubber and accessories, --printing chemicals, -- special products for publishing houses. – Materials after printing: -- materials after printing for packing manufacturers, -- materials after printing for production of books and magazines, -- materials after printing for advertising and other works.

Visual advertising materials and equipment

Visual advertising materials and equipment of company „Libra Vitalis“ include wide range of various purpose and opportunities HP printers, „Fotoba“ cutters, „Flexa“ laminators, qualitative everyday use, photographic and fine art paper, various types and purpose PVC films, PVC and HDPE tilts, mesh, textile and solid materials. We will recommend you to choose most suitable materials – starting from fine art linen and paper till „Ferrari“ tilts, 3M adhesive films for print and finishing with usual paper for posters and placards. We represent all known manufacturer‘s and trade marks: HP, 3M, „Fotoba“, „Flexa“, „Sihl“, UPM, „Koehler“, „Obeikan“, „Natura Media“, „Ferrari Sign“, „Intelicoat“ and many others.

Paper and materials for garment industry

One of the activities of JSC "Libra Vitalis" – selling of specialized paper and films for garment industry. According to the paper sales, we are one of the strongest sellers in Lithuania. Many years of work experience, successful cooperation with Europe‘s leading suppliers of garment paper allow to offer you the widest and most attractive range of this paper. This sections contains detailed information about paper, cardboard, film, which are used by sewing companies working with different technologies. We hope, that this information will help you to choose product, which is most suited for your needs.

Flexographic printing materials

Recently, flexography has become one of the most-growing press types. Libra Vitalis, JSC offers some materials for this press type as well: UV, water colors, laminating adhesives, cold stamping foil, cleaning products. We represent well-known manufacturers: Zeller&Gmelin, Schmid Rhyner, Leonhard Kurz

Photography, design and color management

Photography, design and color management product range of company „Libra Vitalis“ includes HP Designjet Z-series photo printers and special various FINE ART printing media, Pantone color palette and color books, GMG color management solutions, software and spectrophotometers. Represent all known manufacturers and brand names: HP, 3M, „Sihl“, "GMG", „X-rite“, „Natura Media“, „Intelicoat“ and many others.

Xerox digital printing equipment

Our range of digital printing solutions can help you make the new application possibilities. Whether you have just started work on a digital press, or want to expand your business. What is the scope you choose? It depends on your customers' needs. But at present the best options associated with the following areas: • Book and booklet printing - limited edition print books cost that you fulfill the specific needs of publishers, including textbooks, travel books and technical manuals; • Handouts and marketinginė press - compelling marketing material tailored to both the general and personal needs that will improve your business performance and increase the number of sales. • Digital packaging - cook limited edition packages specialized in several languages, adjusting the colors, text, images, and thus adapting them to the peculiarities of the region or target marketing. • Direct marketing - help our clients achieve better results using a very targeted and relevant content direct mailing service, which is directly targeted to their needs indvidualius and buying habits. • Publishing Photography - expand your business by using the growing need for photography applications, such as., High-quality photo books, greeting cards and calendars. • TransPromo - Bend your customers to a half, adding a direct incentive to the elements / printed on the transaction-related documents. It is not just grab their attention, but you can be sure that the documents were delivered

Xeikon Digital Printing Equipment

Xeikon is an innovator in digital-printing technology. The company designs, develops, and delivers web-fed digital color presses for labels and packaging applications, document printing, as well as commercial printing. These presses utilize LED-array-based, dry-toner electrophotography, open workflow software, and application-specific toners.

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